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Red Yazd Granite Red Yazd Granite is one of the most unique granite in the world. The unique combination of red background with black and white dots is something that no other natural stone can provide. The paradox of coldness and warmness in the colors creates something that architectures and interior designers need to define […]

Red Yazd Granite

Royal Nero Marquina

Black marble is one of the most unique black marble in the market because of its special, elegant and shady black background and unique straight white veins that usually comes desperately in one side of slabs. Royal Nero Marquina Marble is a strong material with infinite depth and a noble and aristocratic quality that radiates […]

Royal Nero Marquina

Pietra Gray marble

Pietra Gray marble is stunning marble from Iran. famous for being very dense and consistent The local name for Pietra Gray marble is Lashotor marble . Pietra gray Slab Pietra Grey marble is made up of muddy Charcoal grey tones and striking white veining throughout. Therefore, both dark and light gray marbles with much veins […]

Pietra Gray Marble

Wood Travertine

Wood Travertine Old Wood Travertine stone is a beautiful brownstone with heavy linear veins in variations of brown and black, creating a visual texture reminiscent of tree bark. Decorate your home with long-lasting travertine stone that gives you the stylized look of hardwood. Why should you choose old wood tiles? Travertine is a versatile material, […]

Old Wood Travertine

White Travertine

White Travertine Iran is blessed with many white travertine stone quarries. Almost all these white travertines come from Mahllat area. White is the most high-demand in Iran’s domestic market. White is used alongside darker Materials like Dark Silver , Titanium , and Brown . White Travertine Slab Luxurious and Pure Travertine is more expensive than […]

White Travertine

Persian Rosso Levanto Stone

Persian Rosso Levanto is a marble very similar to the Italian Rosso Levanto . It features brownish red background with white veins . This marble is quarried in Isfahan province and in the same quarry of Persian green marble. GGS has a very good relationship with the owner and once we were close to a […]

Persian Rosso Levanto

Rosso travertine

Rosso Travertine Bold, yet natural, Rosso Travertine stone makes a statement while keeping its feet on the ground. A gorgeous mix of reds, oranges, and rusts mingle in natural patterns, adding subtle interest amongst bright colors. Rosso Slab and Tile GGS has both vein-cut and crosscut Rosso Tiles and Slabs in its stone warehouse. Many […]

Rosso Travertine

Persian Nero Marquina marble

Persian Nero Marquina Marble is one of the most beautiful black marbles with white veines. The combination of shining dark black and sharp white veins creates one of the most beautiful natural stones that can be used everywhere from bathroom and kitchen to all kinds of floors. Persian Nero Marquina by GGS With long time […]

Persian Nero Marquina Marble

ocean silver travertine

Ocean Silver Travertine Ocean silver stone travertine is very beautiful and elegant natural stone from Iran. This travertine is made by silver background and different color veins including white and little brown which gives the architectures fantastic opportunities to go beyond imaginations by using type of travertine that make you feel like you are walking […]

Ocean Silver Travertine

Persian Green Marble Stone

Persian Green Marble features wild swirl of light green and white veins that creates the picture of green wavy ocean. This lovely green marble with white cloudy shapes on it is used in monuments, buildings, sculptures, paving and other projects and would be available in blocks, slabs, and tiles at GGS’s stockyard with the highest […]

Persian Green Marble

Dark Silver Travertine

Dark Silver Travertine Due to difference in vein colors in silver travertine stone GGS has sorted Travertine into 2 categories, Dark Travertine and Ocean Silver Travertine. Dark travertine is very beautiful and elegant natural stone from Iran. This travertine is made by Dark background and different color veins including white and little brown which gives […]

Dark Silver Travertine

Persian Carrara Marble

Persian Carrara Marble is a beautiful natural stone that is as similar as it gets to Italian White Carrara. This Marble is quarried in the Fars province of Iran. Carrara marble is available in a variety of finishes including honed, polished and tumbled and available in both slabs and tiles. This marble is recommended for […]

Persian Carrara Marble