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Golden Gate Stone
Royal Nero Marquina

Black marble is one of the most unique black marble in the market because of its special, elegant and shady black background and unique straight white veins that usually comes desperately in one side of slabs. Royal Nero Marquina Marble is a strong material with infinite depth and a noble and aristocratic quality that radiates […]

Royal Nero Marquina

Pietra Gray marble

Pietra Gray marble is stunning marble from Iran. famous for being very dense and consistent The local name for Pietra Gray marble is Lashotor marble . Pietra gray Slab Pietra Grey marble is made up of muddy Charcoal grey tones and striking white veining throughout. Therefore, both dark and light gray marbles with much veins […]

Pietra Gray Marble

Persian Rosso Levanto Stone

Persian Rosso Levanto is a marble very similar to the Italian Rosso Levanto . It features brownish red background with white veins . This marble is quarried in Isfahan province and in the same quarry of Persian green marble. GGS has a very good relationship with the owner and once we were close to a […]

Persian Rosso Levanto

Persian Nero Marquina marble

Persian Nero Marquina Marble is one of the most beautiful black marbles with white veines. The combination of shining dark black and sharp white veins creates one of the most beautiful natural stones that can be used everywhere from bathroom and kitchen to all kinds of floors. Persian Nero Marquina by GGS With long time […]

Persian Nero Marquina Marble

Persian Green Marble Stone

Persian Green Marble features wild swirl of light green and white veins that creates the picture of green wavy ocean. This lovely green marble with white cloudy shapes on it is used in monuments, buildings, sculptures, paving and other projects and would be available in blocks, slabs, and tiles at GGS’s stockyard with the highest […]

Persian Green Marble

Persian Carrara Marble

Persian Carrara Marble is a beautiful natural stone that is as similar as it gets to Italian White Carrara. This Marble is quarried in the Fars province of Iran. Carrara marble is available in a variety of finishes including honed, polished and tumbled and available in both slabs and tiles. This marble is recommended for […]

Persian Carrara Marble

Ice White Marble Stone

The Ice white marble is an Iranian white marble, which has a white background with shining grains, smoky gray veins, and yellow lines, which run through the stone rather irregularly. The Mixture of Ice White Marble and Pietra gray which are booth proudly from Iran, is something that catches the eye of everyone. Ice White […]

Ice White Marble

Harsin Marble Stone

Harsin Marble is a light beige color stone with pencil-thin veins from Iran. The name of Harsin Marble in China stone market is 白宫米黄(Báigōng mǐhuáng) Harsin Marble Block Harsin Beige Marble Block is bright beige marble in varying proportions and weights (in metric tons), of different quality ratings. The quarry produces 35,000 metric tons a […]

Harsin Marble

Golden Black Marble Stone

Golden black marble is different than all the other black marbles that exist in the market. It presents the shining black background and all sizes of black and gold veins. The combination of black white and gold creates something that is not like anything else in the market so architectures and interior designers can create […]

Golden Black Marble

Gold Emperador Marble

Gold Emperador Marble is a unique natural stone that extracted mostly in the suburban areas of the Zagros mountains in Iran. It presents a very special black background with gold veins. This marble can brings royalty and strength to place that it used in. Gold Emperador Marble Slab Emperador Gold Marble is produced in slabs […]

Gold Emperador Marble

Fossil Beige Marble

Our offered Fossil Marble is originated from Iran. Morocco as one of the origin for marbles has many marbles with a similar color. Black fossil marble and brown fossil marble are from Morocco. China flower gray marble and seashell beige marble are some other similar marbles. Italy’s similar marble is fossil Marron marble. Two other […]

Fossil Beige Marble

Cerma Marfil Marble

Shayan Marble Shayan marble present cream background with very thick and small yellow and white veins wich is very similar to the Cerma Marfil marble in Spain. Shayan Marble comes from Dehbid area where is famous for its Botticino marble. The Shayan Crema Marfil Marble Quarry is near the Royal Botticino Marble quarry. Shayan Marble […]

Cerma Marfil Marble