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Company Profile

Golden Gate Stone is a successful stone company base in Iran to produce and export various kinds of natural stones since 1981. Since its foundation, the company has grown and strongly expanded, becoming a global model in the Natural Stone industry. So, Base on the great credit and high quality products, GGS started to work with American Partnerships and lunched its headquarter in California, USA since 2015.
Among its greatest assets is its considerable responsiveness —it owns numerous quarries—, competitiveness and innovation. GGS is exporting high-quality products with matching by global standards including Travertine, Marble, Limestone, and Onyx to different countries all over the world. The company’s main strongest point is constant endeavor to promote new varieties of world-class Natural Stone products from time to time and also its ability in having fine-tuned concept of customer satisfaction to understand its client’s needs. We are competent to supply Natural stones in Slabs, Blocks and cut to size as per customer’s requirements. This strategy has helped the company in registering a steep growth in both volume and its varieties.

White Fusion Marble
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Our Mission

Golden Gate Stone with professional team follows the mission to introduce and present various types of Travertine, Marble, Crystal, and Onyx in the high quality and best price.
We continuously innovate and develop our products, systems, processes, services to maximize and maintain the satisfaction of our respectable customers. Also, we target to make the best use of natural resources and make a contribution to ensure that they get the position they deserve.

Our Vision

The vision of our business is to be at the forefront of the worldwide business of Natural Stone. In order to realize this vision, the Golden Gate Stone company aims to provide customers with high quality that suit customers’ needs by employing the latest production technologies.


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